Our studio believes that restoration is one of our most sacred duties as a guardians of our artistic past. We believe that when starting an historic restoration we must "leave our ego at the door"! The most important thing is, "to preserve the original artists intention and not to impose our idea of asthetics on someone elses artwork". Therefore we will alway endevor to save the original work and not replace anything unless it is found absolutely imperative. Broken glass can be repaired in many cases by a number of new techniques (such as edge gluing with HTXL or copperfoil repairs) this will preserve the glass for future generations to cherish. If however glass has been damaged beyond hope, we have the facilities to reproduce almost any glass with a new reproduction when absolutely necessary. Additionally, our facilities can relead windows with the finest alloyed lead came for complete restoration of any stained glass window. The following are a few of our projects.


St. Joseph' Catholic Church


Memory Grove Meditation Chapel



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